Saturday, 17 October 2015

Easy Halloween Make up Look

 Firstly I started with my foundation and concealer, the foundation was very light so that it gave a ghostly appearance

 I took the MUA undressed pallet and used the dark black shade on the whole of my left eye lid and blended it with a fluffy brush into the crease 

 I then used the collection eyeliner and drew a few lines on the side of my face coming from the eye, then drew semi circles joining them together to create a spiders web

 I contoured my cheeks with a really dark contouring powder to darken my complexion
tip to lighten the eyebrows is to smother them with glue, then apply powder for the dark eye shadow to be bolder 
 I used the same dark black shadow and drew on thick black arched eyebrows 

To put the whole look together, I decided to apply a dark purple matte lipstick. I thought that it looked boring just covering the whole lips, so I winged it out at the sides
I didn't add mascara because in my opinion it looked more interesting without

And this is the end result, thank you for reading and I hope you have a fantastic Halloween!

Until next time, 
Marta xo 

PS. this will probably take me all evening  ttake off now, oops!