Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Garnier BB Cream review

Good evening ladies,
I am finally back from my holiday, I hope you had a great summer too and got up to loads of amazing things!
I thought it would be about time for another foundation review as when I was on my holiday, the only base make up I had were foundations- which is obviously not ideal for the hot weather.. which by the way was 40 degrees ;) So I went on a hunt to find a BB cream and stumbled across this Garnier BB cream. I thought the brand only did hair and skincare products so I thought I'd give it a go. I picked up the shade Light/Claire- there were only two shades and the other was for medium skin tones. I bought this in Poland for 19.99 zloty (which is only less than £4!)

Garnier BB Skin Perfector Oil Free - Light

The BB cream claims to mattify, blur pores and imperfections, even skin tone, moisturize and provides SPF 20. After testing it out for about a week, it definitely did do all of these things, it even had really good coverage which is unusual for a BB cream. It kept my face hydrated but matte at the same time, and I didn't need to even set it with a powder. However, it was disappointing that there were only two shades and the lightest isn't even that light because it oxidized on my skin and I could see that dreaded 'slag' line. Which is a shame because apart from the colour range, the BB cream is amazing.

Product rate: **** out of 5
Thank you for reading!
Marta xo

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

My Birthday Adventure In Brighton

Hello! I thought I would get a little bit more personal in this blog post, and I will show you a few pictures of my birthday in Brighton. So on the 21st June I was whisked away for a surprise day out, I had no idea where we were going until my family told me on the ferry from the Isle of Wight. They chose to take me there because I constantly went on about wanting to go there...

Of course there were selfies in the car during the two hour journey ;)
 The Lanes in Brighton were by far my favorite, the unique little shops were incredible and I felt like I was back in Spain!
 The English Breakfast at the Lanes was DELICIOUS!

I enjoyed my day there so much and I definitely want to be living there in my future! Everyone was so nice to me and my family, I also received a free Lush bath bomb from a worker there for my birthday, which was so lovely!

Marta xo

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Evening 'All Out' Skincare Routine

Good evening girls! Almost every night I love to give myself a little pamper as it really calms me down and gets me ready for bed. I don't really do any skincare in the morning because of my laziness, oops, but I do  like to go 'all out' in the evenings. Before I blab to you about the products I use, I'd like to say that I used to suffer with really dry, flaky skin but now that has got much better and I now
have combination skin- woo, bye bye dry!

So usually as soon as some of us get home, all we think of is taking off this mask of make up, which leads me onto the first thing I do. I use the Simple facial wash gel and I absolutely adore this product. It is 100% soap free which makes it perfect for sensitive skin. All I do to remove my make up is I squeeze out a little bit of the gel and onto a wet face I apply it to where my foundation and eyebrow products have been (I do not use this on my eyes.) I then grab a damp muslin cloth and wipe the gel off my face and it removes all my make up. This literally only takes about two minutes and so I recommend doing this 100% over facial wipes as it takes less time, it's cheaper and SO much better for your skin.

Simple Refreshing Facial Wash Gel- £3.39

After removing my base make up, I move on to removing my eye makeup. I do this using the Waitrose pure eye make up remover. This product only cost me 99p on offer so I wasn't expecting much from it but I noticed it has 99% natural ingredients! And after testing it out, it works really well to remove my eye make up and it's also really delicate. I just use some cotton wool with this as that's what it works best with for me.
Waitrose Pure eye make up remover- £1.99

If I have lots of spots, I will use this blemish control mask which is good at preventing more spots from appearing. I just leave it on for a good ten minutes, it may feel a little irritating when it's on but after washing it off, the skin feels so amazingly clean. I picked this up for £2.99 in TKMaxx but sadly I cannot find it online! 

I also try to moisturize my face daily, I use the No7 moisturizer (bought by my beloved friend.) It is a day cream but I don't like to use moisturizer before my make up in the morning as it makes my face really oily, even though I know I should really try to use it more often then... After moisturizer I use an eye cream, this one is from the body shop. I use it so that my under eyes do not dry out during the night so that they are nicely hydrated in the morning.

No7 Essential Moisture day cream- £9.50

The body shop Unperfumed eye gel- £7.50

If you are suffering with spots, I recommend using this Clearasil rapid action treatment cream as it is my lifesaver. It starts to work in just 4 hours so all I do in the evening is apply some onto big blemishes and in the morning they are almost gone.

Clearasil Ultra Rapid action treatment- £6.39

I hope this has helped you in any way or has been informative, talk to you next time

 Marta xo