Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation Review

So I was shopping and had some money spare, I decided to visit John Lewis to look for a foundation. I tried to look for the Nars sheer glow foundation because of the amount of good reviews but it was not there. In the end I decided to splurge on this Giorgio Armani one. I have the shade number 4, the lady matched me well and gave me a tester of the highlighter (which was cute.)

After testing this foundation for a few months now, it is the best foundation I have ever tried. It literally feels like there is nothing on your skin at all but it still gives medium coverage. It does not go cakey at all but I have noticed that by the end of the day I do need to blot my t-zone with some powder as it does get a little oily. I have combination skin and it has never clinged onto any dry patches and has not clogged my pores. I like to use the Real techniques expert face brush with this foundation as it does not leave any lines and buffs it well into the skin.

Also, how cute is the bottle? It is made out of glass, (kinda screwed if I drop it) it has a pump and the lid has the Giorgio Armani logo on it. It looks so classy and I love it.

This is more of a pricey foundation, It costs £36.50 in John Lewis oops.. However, there was a 10% off sale when I was there. The money is definitely worth it. There are also some amazing drugstore foundations out there like the L'Oreal true match or Rimmel wake me up but I find the money is worth it and I will definitely be purchasing it again!

Product rate: ***** out of 5

Thank you for reading the blog, I hope it was helpful.

Marta xo


IT'S SUMMER! Everyone is trying to work on their summer bodies ready for the bikinis and crop tops. Detoxing is a really good way to cleanse the body and also helps with weight loss so after a couple of days, you will feel more refreshed and better about yourself. Through doing this, it knocks out bad habits like alcohol, caffeine and junk food intakes but encourages all the good habits like drinking more water, and eating more fruits and vegetables, blah blah blah...

Detoxing isn't that difficult and if you don't have much time in the morning when you're getting ready for school/college (me) then you will probably still have time to do this and can just wiz it off with you. There are so many combinations you can do but my personal favorite is the simple, lemon and lime.

For this you will need:

bottle or cup
a lemon and lime
spring or sparkling water
Ice cubes (if you want them)

Just cut up the fruits and add it to the water of your choice, maybe a few ice cubes and you're done. I also found that all you have to do to maintain the drink is fill it up after you have finished and the same fruit will last you a whole college/school day but may not taste so strong- the detoxing will still work.

On the Isle of Wight, Hurst are selling these cute jars for £2.60- which is an amazing price and they are great for summer to keep all those bugs away & they're super instagrammable ;)

Marta xo

Everyday Make-Up Routine

I always find it interesting to discover what make-up people use because I'm really nosey and I'm constantly looking for new make-up with good reviews. Therefore, I thought I'd show you my own everyday make up routine for you nosey people.

I don't wear make up every single day but I wear it most days when I am going to college or for a day out with my friends or family.

This is the result of my make up routine:

I also thought I'd let you know about my skin type. I used to suffer with really dry, flaky skin and was finding it really hard to wear any kind of foundation. So, I changed up my skincare routine (now use a few simple products) and it's really made a difference. My skin is now combination so sometimes it is a little dry but gets oily later on in the day.

The first product I use is primer- I don't always use a primer but for long days I would recommend it as it will help your make up last that extra bit longer. The primer that I would reach out to first would be The Body Shop Instablur primer.  It is silicone based which means it will fill in any imperfections and will help the foundation to glide on smoother.

I change up my foundation on a day to day basis depending on how my skin is feeling. Usually, I go for Revlon Nearly Naked foundation when I'm a bit more tanned or use the Giorgio Armani Luminous silk foundation when my skin is slightly dehydrated and I'm at my usual skin tone.

I use either my No7 foundation brush or Real Techniques Expert Face brush depending on how dry my skin is, if it feels fairly dry I will use the fountion brush as it will not cause my skin to flake. But, if it feels slightly more oily, I will use the Expert Face brush as this will buff the product into my skin.

In this step, I would usually apply concealer but lately I've been leaving it out as my under-eye does not crease without any product and still looks OK, so for me it is unnecessary! If I were to use a concealer, I would use the Maybelline Eraser Eye concealer.

As I leave my foundation to set into my skin, I will move onto my eyebrows. I love using the Maybelline Brow Satin pencil, but it is slowly running out :(

Tip: wash an old mascara wand properly and use it to brush through your brows! I use the Benefit They're real mascara wand and it works amazingly.

After my foundation has set into my skin, I powder my face. I usually use the Rimmel Stay Matte powder but need to invest in a new one as it is starting to disagree with my skin (please leave me any suggestions for good powders if you know of any!)

I use an eco tools brush that came in a set and just dust then press some powder into my skin.

It's time to give the face a little definition. The skin may look a little flat with no colour, so a nice contour will give the skin a little boost- it can also transform the shape of the face. I use the Barry M Chisel cheeks contour kit, putting the bronzer (middle colour) onto my temples, cheekbones and the bottom of my neck (sort of recreating the number 3 on the face). Then using the contour colour (right) I put it just in the hollows of my cheeks and buff it in with any fluffy face brush.

I sometimes apply blush, but not everyday. I love the colour of the Revlon PhotoReady cream blush in the colour 'Charmed'. All I do, is dab my brush into the blush and then pat it onto my cheeks.

Mascara, personally, is one of the most important steps as without it I look so tired. I have recently purchased the Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara and have been in loveeee, the results are crazy! On a day to day basis I apply one coat but if I'm going out with friends or family I do two to three and it literally looks like I'm wearing fake lashes.

Tip: Apply the mascara to the top lashes but actually on the top (the side that is on the eyelid) and then continue normally and you will see even better results!

And finally, the last step. Lips! I recently love the combination of my new kiko lip liner and a lipstick from Manhattan (purchased in Poland)

Kiko smart lip pencil 712 Rose Mauve was £2.50 now £1.70!

That's it for my everyday make-up routine! Hope you enjoyed reading this very long blog post and until next time!

Marta xo

Introducing Myself

Many of you are probably thinking, 'who's even going to be writing this blog?' or 'why does she want to write them?' So I intend to explain a bit about myself and why I started this blog.

So, hello! 

My name is Marta and I am Polish, I came over to the UK on the Isle of Wight when I was 7 without knowing any English what so ever- it was pretty daunting but back then I didn't really care. I remember that when I came over and was getting ready for my first day of primary school, my mum taught me and my brother and sister our first words..."Please can I go to toilet." Haha umm yeah, they may sound weird as first words but let's be honest, they're very much needed!

I started to settle down and here I am now, speaking fluent English and have just turned 17 a few days ago.

To me, the reason for starting the blog was because I wanted to be proud of something that I do- here goes the soppiness.. I also always wanted to make my mum proud, but felt like I haven't done that in a long time, so I tried not to think that others will judge the blog, judge what I write but to stop caring and write about things I enjoy.

On this blog, I will mainly be covering the topic of make-up, I started experimenting with make up from a very young age and now have quite a big collection of it (I should probably stop spending so much money on it...) Unfortunately, at the moment I am at College studying a course that I am not really into and have not been the happiest of people lately, but in September I have got a place to do Nail and Make-Up design at the College and I am looking forward to my future.

I will also be posting some lifestyle posts here and there whenever I feel like I have a good idea to write about.

Always feel free to leave me any feedback on my blog posts, I would love to know what you think! 

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My next blog may be my everyday make-up routine so keep your eyes peeled!
Talk to you next time,

Marta xo