Wednesday, 8 July 2015

First Impressions!

Hello Everyone,

I thought I would do a first impressions post as I had a few new make up items and thought I'd give them a little love. It's also extremely hot in England at this moment (hope I don't jinx it!) and I'm writing this blog post outside in the sun so it's a perfect time to type some stuff on the laptop for you.

After college, I made my way to Superdrug with my friends and noticed the most beautiful brushes my eyes have ever seen. They are made by the brand Lottie London (which I have never heard of) and the prices were very affordable, so I thought I would give it a try. I have the powder brush, the handle and tip of the bristles are in the colour light blue- which, for me, is very visually appealing so it grabbed my attention straight away. 
After trying out this brush for a few days, I really enjoy using it, it's very light and soft on the skin so will not irritate, however, the bottom of the bristles that are black do feel a little more harsh. Absolutely beautiful brush and I will definitely be purchasing more! 
***** out of 5 stars

Moving on to the Master Sculpt by Maybelline which comes in two different shades, one in Light/Medium and the other in Medium/Dark so you will probably find one that suits your skin tone- I have the shade Light/Medium because I'm pretty pale :( The contour shade is very pigmented and easy to blend with a fluffy brush so is perfect for contouring. It does have a slightly orange undertone but isn't too noticeable. The highlight side is gorgeous but it is not as pigmented as the contour. The pallet also has a mirror and contouring brush which makes it a handbag essential! (However, the brush is very hard and doesn't work for me as I think it may irritate my sensitive skin, so I take a different one with me)
**** out of 5 stars

I received the Max Factor Whipped Creme Foundation from my sister for my birthday- thank you! I was really excited because I haven't used a whipped creme foundation before. Mine is in the shade 40 light ivory which will be great for the cooler months when my tan wears off because right now it is a little too light for the rest of my body (it's finally really hot in the UK!) It is a very creamy formula and blends really well into the skin, the coverage is light to medium and can be built up without looking cakey. I feel it has a slightly matte effect onto my skin but does get oily throughout the day because it's very moisturizing- I find if I just touch up with some powder or blot with some blotting paper I do not have this problem. I think the foundation will suit any skin type but will suit dry skin the most as it is very hydrating and lightweight.  
Max Factor Whipped Creme Foundation- usually £9.99 now on offer for £5!
***** out of 5- will be using it a lot in the winter! 

The last product I have is the L'oreal Paris Brow Artist Genius Kit. It is packaged beautifully with a big mirror inside- which again is great to throw in your handbag. The kit has a powder side and tinted wax which are both really good and pretty pigmented. A little more pigment would be better though as I spend quite a while filling in my eyebrows with this and it takes a lot of product. This kit would be amazing for beginners as it has the powder, wax, mirror, spoolie with an angled brush on the other side and some small tweezers- so basically all you need for brows in one! My kit is in the shade Light/Medium as my hair is becoming blonder because of the sun and I don't want super intense brows so the shades are perfect.
**** out of 5- because of the slight lack of pigment.

Thanks for reading! 

Marta xo