Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Holiday Essentials

Nivea SPF Lip balm
Polish Sun cream

Similar Portable charger
Similar- cheaper

Barry M nail varnish- Pink

Crabtree & Evelyn body lotion

Girl Online

New Look Floppy hat

Primark sunglasses

I am going on holiday to Poland TOMORROW! But then the dreaded moment comes- packing... I wasn't sure on what to pack so after gathering a few ideas on what essentials to take, I thought I would help you if you have the same problem.

1. Sunglasses
It is the summer holidays and it will be very hot in Poland- fingers crossed! So of course, my sunglasses are coming along with me. Two years ago I made the horrendous decision on not taking any sunglasses with me when I went to Spain- honestly guys, DON'T DO IT! I was squinting the entire time and all the photos looked awful because I literally had my eyes closed. So this year, I'm taking two pairs to be on the safe side.

2. Your favorite bikini
I think this is totally necessary, having a bikini which you feel confident in will make your holiday 10 times better.
Topshop bikini- £28

3. Sun-cream and SPF lip balm
These two are probably the most important when going away on holiday, remember that you can still get a nice tan when wearing SPF and you will not get burnt which is a good thing as it will not cause skin cancer or peeling of the skin.

4. A book
I don't usually read books as I get really bored but so far I have been liking Girl Online by Zoe Sugg and I will continue to try and read it more on holiday whilst I sunbathe, and through the 26 hour car journey...

5. Bright Nail varnish
A bright nail varnish will enhance your beautiful tan

6. Floppy hat
Floppy hats are very 'on trend' during the summer and they are very cooling

7. Moisturizer
And finally moisturizer! Remember to moisturize everyday to prolong that beautiful tan of yours!