Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Ways To Deal With Stress


This is quite a touchy subject... but I thought I would talk to you about it because pretty much every teenager suffers with some form of anxiety, whether it's just being scared of speaking in front of people in class or something more serious like suffering with panic attacks. So I thought I'd give you a few tips on how to calm it down a little or deal with it a little better :) 

Think about the way your mind thinks, is it negative? Are you jumping to conclusions? These are all unhelpful or negative thinking styles, so work on trying to think a little more positively. For example, if you are getting on a bus and you think you will fall over or drop your money (of course, this is a possibility but this can happen to anyone!) Just think to yourself, will it really be the end of the world? Everyone has their own things to be getting on with, their problems so they may not even notice or look at you because they have their own stuff to be dealing with. 

Can't sleep at night because of the billion thoughts in your head? Try to write down everything in a little notebook. Write in all your worries, problems and things you have achieved during the day. After writing them down, remind yourself that you cannot solve anything through thinking at 1 in the morning so leave it in the notebook and come back to it tomorrow. (Leave a cute notebook and pen by your bed so whenever you can't sleep you don't have to rummage through your room.) This honestly helps SO much and so I would definitely recommend doing this if you are having troubles sleeping!

Another tip is, if you are having one of those bad days (we all have those :( ) write down everything you have achieved and you are proud of. Keep on adding more as days pass- whenever you have another bad day and you think you are worthless, look at the list of all the things you have achieved and it will lift your mood.

 It is also helpful if you talk to a close relative or best friend when you are feeling anxious or down because it won't help if you're alone so talk about your worries. Support from others is so important, so let it all out and then have a good old chinwag about anything that makes you happy.

Remember to breathe. Try to practice your breathing by using a breathing technique like the 7/11 breathing method. If you practice a few times a day for a minute or two, you will get used to breathing like it so it will help you when experiencing a panic attack. 

I hope I have helped you in any way, please comment or get in touch if I have or if you have any questions- I'd lovee to hear from you! 

Marta xo